Terms and Conditions


Engramo is a web-based learning platform that is designed to teach English through a varied set of fun and clever resources.

By signing up and creating your profile, you confirm that:

  • you agree to these Terms and Conditions as listed below
  • you are at least 13 years old
  • you have opened or will open only one account using your real details
  • your use of our application does not contravene any law within the jurisdiction of your country of residence, be that at a regional or national level


As stated above, Engramo English students can open only one account using their real details, and do so by:

  • connecting through their social media account and Gmail account
  • providing their actual first name, surname and a valid email address

Once you, as our student, open your account, you are advised to create an online profile but can do so under a username of your choice (providing it is unique and not already taken). Your email address and personal details (except for your username) will not be made public.

By creating your profile, you agree to:

  • provide accurate, up-to-date and completely factual information
  • be personally responsible for the accuracy of provided details

Your username will appear to other Engramo students when you decide to add a comment in our forums, compete against others or join the Engramo English community in a different manner.

We hold it within our rights to delete your profile and freeze or terminate your account if we suspect through investigation, that any of the information presented in your profile is false, inaccurate, disrespectful or simply does not comply with our Terms.

You are responsible for ensuring that your personal details are kept confidential and you are completely responsible for all activities and posts that appear in your name/profile. Your account and account details must only be used by you and must not be shared with anyone else. Transferring accounts from one person to another is prohibited.

If you have reason to believe that any unauthorised or fraudulent use of your account has taken place or whether you are concerned that a breach of security may have taken place, you must notify us immediately at privacy@engramo.com.

User Conduct


You (the user) are entirely responsible for the content that you post in Engramo English forum/s and on our social media pages. Engramo does not guarantee the quality, certainty, or coherence of anything posted by other users either in our forum or on our social media pages.

By agreeing to these Terms you also agree to follow the guidelines of user conduct.

This means you will not:

  • register an account with false details and/or misrepresent yourself
  • attempt to set up multiple accounts and profiles
  • encourage the contravention of laws within the country you reside
  • attempt to disguise, manipulate or direct any content or threads for political, commercial or otherwise defamatory purposes
  • provide links to other websites
  • misuse our website by intentionally or accidentally introducing malicious or harmful software such as viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other such spiteful programs
  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to our platform, the server(s) on which our platform and services are stored or any server, computer or database connected to our website
  • collect or solicit any email addresses or any other personal information at all

You will also not engage in:

  • behaviour that is considered harassment or is offensive or threatening, intimidating, libelous in nature, abusive, mocking, lambasting or discourteous or could otherwise cause harm to anyone when posting and interacting on our sites
  • publicly posting personal details beyond the username, whether your own or those of others
  • publicly posting information which violates any law or infringes upon the right of any third party (including copyright, trademark or proprietary rights)
  • any activity which impedes or obstructs any other user from using our application/platform

Engramo reserves the right to be the sole authority upon which decisions regarding what is acceptable to be posted or not are made.


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