Imagine yourself at a business meeting where everyone is speaking English and you suddenly realise that you don’t understand everything they are saying because you didn’t carry on learning to English proficiency. Do you just nod and agree with everything being said? Do you admit that you don’t understand and ask for clarification? Do you take out the dictionary?

Learning English can be quick to start with because about 75 % of the language is based on fewer than 400 words. As you progress, however, it can seem that you are starting to slow down with your learning, and it is at this point that many people think their English is good enough and stop.

Engramo English was designed with business individuals in mind. Our bespoke application helps you to focus on your weaker areas and engages you with new vocabulary to bring you to proficiency. Engramo can incorporate business-specific vocabulary to focus your language skills on your industry, ensuring you never end up in a meeting that you don’t understand.

Unique features

Admin insight and control

Engramo English provides an overview of your progression through your learning journey. Each grammar point shows the percentage of the grammar point you have memorised, how much you have practiced and how far you have to go before you have mastered the point.

Employees learn at their own pace

Engramo English uses a variety of exercise types, increasing the difficulty level for the student and stressing active knowledge. Some of the exercise types require minimal input to be completed. In others you, will be asked to type in short answers or rewrite short parts of text.

Tailored to intermediate and advanced learners

No two learners are the same, and therefore no two learner journeys are the same. With Engramo English, your responses are analysed and new exercises generated, based on your level of knowledge.

Built-in comprehensive grammar book

Engramo English includes proprietary Engramo grammar book, which contains additional examples and expanded explanations of grammar concepts. Master the subject matter and feel confident about your language skills. You don’t need any additional material to get a complex overview of the concept at hand.

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