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Engramo is a unique online learning tool powered by sophisticated algorithms. It constantly diagnoses your results and tracks your progress to create a personalized learning path just for you.

What is Engramo?

Engramo Grammar

Advanced grammar

Engramo is a unique online application that will help you improve your intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced English grammar.

Engramo Learning

Bite-sized learning

We have divided English grammar to the smallest knowledge elements that you will practise in short, 10-minute missions.

Engramo Teaching

Adaptive teaching

Engramo constantly analyzes your answers and keeps track of your progress. Every new mission is created for you based on this information.

Engramo Repetition

Spaced repetition

Don't worry about forgetting – you will see and practise everything repeatedly. The better you are doing, the less frequently you will be presented with a specific grammar point until it is in your long-term memory.

Engramo Professional

Developed and tested by professionals

The content of Engramo has been developed and tested by a team of linguists, methodologists and native speakers. The grammar book is constantly updated.

Engramo Language

Authentic language

We selected the most illustrative examples from real language usage to create the exercises and provide the grammar book with authentic illustrative examples of the grammar points at hand.

Extra benefits for students

Do you want to pass English exams, get certificates, or compose your academic papers and theses?

Use Engramo anywhere, anytime

You can learn on the bus or during a lunch break – Engramo is flexible and allows you to work through as many 10 minute lessons in a row as you like.

Benefit from our brief but thorough grammar book

Still unsure about grammar? Check out our short explanations arranged in clear points with a variety of real life examples clearly organised in a grammar book at your disposal.

Don't get bored by dull exercises

Engramo uses diverse exercises of different difficulty to help you to fully acquire new grammar rules and to make sure you won't get bored.

Why people prefer Engramo

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Extra benefits for work

Do you want your business English to sound professional, make presentations, write emails, or conduct meetings?

Enjoy active learning

When learning with Engramo, you won't just choose correct answers. Our exercises require your active participation, so you will retain new knowledge faster and easier.

Track your progress

Thanks to our graphs and statistics, you will always know how much you have learned and what is ahead of you.

Don't get distracted

Enjoy your learning time to the fullest without any ads.

What users said

Better English proficiency today means more opportunities tomorrow

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