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What is Engramo English?

Definition number 1

Engramo English is a mobile and web app which improves your English grammar so you can master the language successfully.

Definition number 2

Engramo English is a online home tutor that knows you well and encourages you to practise areas that you need to work on.

Definition number 3

Engramo English is a service in which linguists help students directly over the phone or via chat.

Definition number 4

Engramo English is a language course primarily designed for B2 students that aims to perfect their language skills and help them to a C1 level.

Definition number 5

Engramo English is the largest bank of high-quality English grammar exercises using authentic language in the world.

Definition number 6

Engramo English is artificial intelligence delivering selections of exercises based on students’ current knowledge.

Definition number 7

Engramo English is a 5+ years-long academic linguistic project that analyzes the structural details of the English language.

Definition number 8

Engramo English is a promise to the world to help eliminate language barriers and make them a thing of the past.

Engramo Core Concepts

Personalized learning

No student is the same, no learning path should be the same. Engramo features a state-of-the-art algorithm to tailor the learning path to each individual student's needs, taking into account their current level and progress.

Authentic language

To truly learn a language, exposure to the language as it is used is needed. That's why we take the sentences for our exercises from corpora, vast collections of real-life texts, instead of some artificial textbook sentences.

Learning in context

The language material you learn with needs to be not only authentic, but also embedded in context. Isolated words or phrases help, but seeing the grammar used within the context of a sentence or several sentences is often needed to understand how it works.

Expert assistance

If you encounter something you have trouble understanding, our linguists can assist and explain the issue to you.

The Zen of Engramo

The future is better than the past

We believe in a future without language barriers.
And learning technologies can help us achieve that.

We promise no B/S

Nothing is perfect and we don't mind telling you.
We believe that brutal honesty is better than marketing twists.

Efficiency over fun

Engramo is all about effectivity and efficiency.
Many of our design concepts revolve around that maxim.

Complex, not complicated

We wrap sophisticated learning methods up in an easy to understand user interface and we strive for simplicity in our delivery.

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